How to Get Rid of McAfee Family Protection

by Blaze Johnson

McAfee Family Protection is a software program designed to block objectionable Internet content, throttle Internet usage, filter inappropriate media sources and prevent unauthorized contact with unknown persons during chat sessions. McAfee Family Protection also allows the computer administrator to monitor Internet usage activity, as well as monitor users sharing personal information. Uninstalling McAfee Family Protection from your computer requires a special process in order to promote security. To prevent unauthorized removal of McAfee Family Protection, you must possess the proper administrator credential information.

Turn on the computer and allow the operating system to fully load.

Examine the system tray located on the bottom right of the toolbar and double-click the "Family Protection" icon.

Enter the required administrator's user name and password. Click the "Get Uninstall Code" from the menu options listed.

Write down the uninstall code. Click the "Done" button and close any programs running on the computer.

Turn off the connected cable modem, DSL service device or wireless router.

Click the "Start" menu, followed by "All Programs" and select the "McAfee Family Protection" folder.

Click "Uninstall Family Protection" and allow the program window to load. Click the "Remove" button, followed by "Next" to continue. Enter the administrator's user name and password; click "Next" when finished.

Enter the uninstall code and hit the "Next" button to begin uninstalling McAfee Family Protection from your computer. Restart the computer when prompted to finish the removal process.

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