How to Get Rid of the Invalid Syntax Error Virus

by Josh Baum

When you try to visit a website that has an error in the URL or when you try to perform an online function with an error in its code, you may receive notice of an "invalid syntax error." This notice lets you know there is a problem with the website you were trying to use or manipulate. It is not necessarily an indication that you have a virus. If these error messages start appearing frequently or show up when you're using websites that you know do not contain errors, it is possible that your computer is infected with a virus that causes invalid syntax errors.


Open your currently installed antivirus program, if you have one. If you do not have one, skip to step three.


Download the latest virus definitions and run a complete scan on your computer. If any viruses are detected, follow the on-screen prompts from your antivirus software to remove or quarantine them, then try to use your Web browser again to see if the invalid syntax errors persist.


Open Microsoft Internet Explorer and navigate to the OneCare Live safety scanner (see Resources). Run the free system scan for viruses.


Follow any on-screen prompts that come as a result of the free system scan. If a virus was detected, you will be led through steps to remove it. Once you've completed your attempt at removing the virus, use your Web browser again to see if you're still getting the invalid syntax errors.


Download and reinstall the latest version of your Web browser if you're still experiencing the problem. You may need to reboot your computer following the installation. When installation is complete, check to see if the problem persists.


Back up all of your data on CDs or external drives if you are still having the problem.


Put your operating system's original boot disc in the CD drive and reboot the computer. When prompted to choose an action, choose to reformat the computer's hard drive and reinstall the operating system. Note that this will completely erase all of the data on the hard drive, so you will have to move all of your data back to the hard drive and reinstall your other software later. However, this process will essentially give you a fresh start with your computer, and you should be completely virus free.


  • check Numerous different types of viruses can be referred to as invalid syntax error viruses, so long as they cause the same types of error messages to appear.
  • check The best defense against all viruses is a reputable antivirus program that features active protection.

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