What Is an Rft File?

by Kathleen Hurst

The file extension .RFT can stand for a number of different file types; however, all of these file types are uncommonly used. RFT is also a common mistyping of RTF (Rich-Text File), which is a common, Microsoft-developed file format.

Revisable Form Text

The Revisable Form Text file format was developed by IBM to open documents on their DisplayWrite word processor, as well as to transfer documents from IBM computers to other computers. This type of RFT file and DisplayWrite are no longer in widespread use.

RoboForm Identity

The RoboForm program, which encrypts and saves user passwords and other personal information in order to quickly fill out online forms, saves this data as an RFT file.

Revit Family Template

RFT is a possible file format for a Revit Family Template file in the Revit program created by Autodesk. The standard Revit file format is not an RFT file, but an .RFA file.

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