How to Reset Cursor to Make It Smaller in Microsoft Word

by Bennett Gavrish

While working in the Microsoft Word application, which is part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs, you may notice that your text cursor has become larger than normal or turned into a blinking dot. This is likely due to a corrupted template file, and when it happens, you can reset your template to make the Word cursor smaller again.


Log on to your PC computer with an administrator account.


Open the Start menu and click on the "My Computer" icon.


Open the C: drive and then go into the "Documents and Settings" folder.


Open the folder labeled with your user name and double-click on "Application Data."


Find the "Microsoft" folder in the list of programs and double-click on it.


Open the "Templates" folder.


Highlight the "" file and change its name to something else. This will reset the normal Word template file. When you reopen the program, it will create a new standard template with the regular small cursor.

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