How to Reset My HTC EVO

by Maya Walker

Resetting a smartphone is a fast way to resolve an assortment of problems. The process puts the device back to the same settings it had when it left the factory. f your HTC EVO 4G smartphone is freezing or having other issues, there are two ways you can reset it. Both methods delete all of your data and settings, so resets are usually used as a last resort, short of taking it in for repair.

Using the Device Keys


Power off the HTC EVO 4G and hold down the “Volume Down” button on the device.


Press the “Power” button and wait for the phone to turn on. Release the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons.


Scroll down to “Clear Storage” using the “Volume” buttons on the phone.


Press the “Power” button and wait for the EVO to restart.

Using the Settings Menu


Press “Home” on the HTC EVO 4G and tap “Menu.”


Tap “Settings,” and then tap “Privacy.”


Tap “Factory Data Reset,” and then tap “Reset Phone.” The HTC EVO will restart when the reset is complete.

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