How to Reset the Battery Charger on a MacBook Pro

by Jedadiah Casey

Apple released the first Intel-based MacBook Pro computer in 2006. Since then, and continuing through the date of publication, each MacBook Pro laptop features an Intel processor that uses the x86 computer architecture. Intel-based Macs use a System Management Controller. The SMC is responsible for many different low-level hardware related functions of a MacBook Pro, including charging the battery. You can reset the battery charging function of a MacBook Pro by resetting the SMC.

Power off the MacBook Pro and then disconnect the power cord.

Remove the battery from the MacBook Pro.

Press and hold the power button for five seconds.

Replace the battery and reconnect the power cord.

Power on the MacBook Pro.


  • check It is recommended practice to reset the MacBook Pro's parameter RAM afterwards by pressing and holding "Command," "Option," "P" and "R" simultaneously on the keyboard immediately after pressing the power button. Press and hold the keys until the MacBook Pro restarts twice.

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