How to Replace a Television Antenna Input Connection

by braniac

This is the procedure to replace the screw-on tuner cable input on the rear of the television.

Remove the back of the set with the correct driver bit. 10-15 screws around the perimeter. Set will not be as stable, so use caution and support it if necessary.

The tuner (little silver box) must be desoldered from the circuit board and removed. Several small connections and ground tabs(may need straightened, usually bent to hold and secure the tuner)

Unclip and set aside the shields. Straighten the frame of the tuner, often slightly distorted.Position and hold the new connector while soldering it to the frame. This takes a higher heat than the smaller connections to get a good flow around the base of the connector. Then the center conductor of the connector must be pushed through the board and soldered, or soldered to the stub of the old one.

Reclip the side shields of the tuner. Mount it back onto the circuit board and resolder the small connections, slightly bend the ground tabs to original positions and solder them. Carefully replace the back and reinstall all screws. Repair is now complete, check the operation.


  • check Best performed by a television shop. Takes experience in soldering and working with small connections.


  • close Caution must be used not to touch any power supply connections, may be holding a charge.
  • close Picture tube neck must not be bumped, it is glass, the tube will implode or will take in air if hit with enough force.
  • close Stay clear of the red wire on the side of the tube, maybe holding a 25-30K volt charge.

Items you will need

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