How to Repair a Toshiba Hard Disk

by Chad Buleen

The hard disk drive on a Toshiba computer controls how the computer operates. Problems with the hard disk drive could lead to corrupted programs and files and inefficient computing processes. While there are disc scans that will diagnose minor hard disk issues, major issues require a system recovery process to fully repair the problems.


Turn on the computer. Press the "F8" button when the Toshiba logo appears on the screen.


Use the down arrow key to scroll to "Repair Your Computer" and select "Enter."


Choose a keyboard language from the "Select a keyboard layout" drop-down menu and click "Next."


Type your username and password into the window that appears and click "OK."


Click "Toshiba HDD Recovery" and select "Next."


Click "Next" again to confirm.


Click "Yes" to start the hard disk drive recovery.


Click "Restart" when the "Recovery procedure has finished" window appears. The computer will restart to complete the recovery procedure.

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