How to Repair Your MP3 Broken Screen

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

MP3 players all share a common problem in that the screen can be cracked from the wear and tear of daily use. A broken screen is such an expensive repair and takes so long to get back from a service center that doing it yourself is a sensible option. The basic procedure for removing and replacing the LCD screen is the same for all MP3 players, although the position of the wires and screws will be slightly different for each MP3 manufacturer. Repairing a broken screen by replacing the glass display will keep your beloved MP3 player working.

Opening the MP3 Player

Put the clean cloth down on a work surface. Place the MP3 player horizontally on the cloth. Remove any exposed screws with the Philips screwdriver. Put the screws aside. Insert the small opening tool between the seam in the plastic display panel and the back panel. The angled edge of the tool should face the back panel. Hold the tool in place once it is wedged inside. Insert the Large iPod opening tool into the right side of the case and release the interlocking retaining clips. Wiggle the tool to force the right side of the case loose.

Repeat the process with the large opening tool on the left side of the case. Separate the back panel from the MP3 player.

Place the front panel on the clean cloth with the electronic components face up. Insert the spudger in between the battery and the display. Pry the battery loose with the spudger. Remove the small screws to release the circuit boards from the display.

Peel off the masking tape and remove the screws found under it. Use the spudger to loosen the logic board from all sides. Gently lift the logic board up and off the display.

Peel off any tape covering screws on the back of the display. Remove the screws with the Phillips screwdriver. Gently lift the display from the front panel.

Loosen the heat-sensitive glue holding the glass display to the panel frame with the heat gun. Wedge the spudger between the glass display and the panel frame and wiggle the frame loose. Remove the glass display and throw it away.

Place the replacement glass in the panel frame. Apply the heat sensitive glue around the glass and the frame. Heat the glue with the heat gun. Let the glue cool.

Reverse the procedure to reassemble the display to the case and to close the MP3 player.


  • check Use a cloth or wear a heat resistant glove when holding the MP3 player while you are using the heat gun on it. This will keep your hand from getting burned.


  • close Opening an MP3 player voids the warranty. Don't expect an authorized dealer to repair it free of charge, even if what needs to be fixed has nothing to do with the display.

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