How to Repair Microsoft Word

by Julia Michelle

There may be times when you experience problems with Microsoft Word, such as frequent crashes or slow load times. When this occurs, you may need to repair the software to restore functionality. Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 both have a diagnostic program that automatically diagnoses and repairs all the programs in the Office Suite. The diagnostic program is also available on stand-alone versions of individual Office components. The software is easy to run and requires nothing more than a few clicks.

Run Diagnostics From Microsoft Word 2007

Close any open programs, including non-Office software.

Open Microsoft Word and click on the Microsoft Office button, in the upper left corner of the screen.

Select "Word Options" and go to "Resources." Click "Diagnose," then "Continue," and select "Start Diagnostics."

Reboot your computer when diagnostics are complete.

Run Office 2007 Diagnostics From The Start Menu

Go to the Windows Start Menu. Select "Programs," or "All Programs." Open the Microsoft Office folder.

Open Microsoft Office Tools and click on Microsoft Office Diagnostics. The diagnostics program will run automatically.

Reboot your computer when the diagnostics are complete.

Run Office 2010 Diagnostics From the Control Panel

Go to the Windows Start Menu. Select "Control Panel." Click on "Programs," or "Programs and Features." In XP, select "Add/Remove Programs."

Scroll down to the Office 2010 Program or Suite you want to repair. Right-click the desired software and click "Change."

Click "Repair" and allow the process to run. Reboot your computer.

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