How to Remove the Paragraph Breaks in Word 2007 After a Paste

by Craig Witt

Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to view, create and make changes to many kinds of print-formatted documents, including memos, brochures, forms, envelopes and labels. It also allows you to import content from other applications while maintaining the content's original formatting. Although this is helpful for keeping fonts and colors consistent, Word's default paragraph settings often insert one or more paragraph breaks into pasted blocks of text. Fortunately, you can remove these breaks with just a few clicks using a feature native to Word 2007.

Highlight the section of your Microsoft Word 2007 document that contains the pasted block of text.

Select the "Home" tab, which is located near the top of the program window.

Look to the "Editing" section on the right side of the tab, and then click the "Replace" button.

Click the "More >>" button. If you do not see this option, the button was clicked previously, and you may skip this step.

Click within the "Find what" field.

Click the "Special" button near the bottom of the window, and then select the "Paragraph Mark" option. The characters used by Word 2007 to represent this element are automatically inserted into the "Find what" field.

Confirm that the "Replace with" field remains empty.

Click the "Replace All" button. Every paragraph break in the selected block of text is removed, generally within a few seconds.

Click "No" when prompted to search the remainder of the document.

Click the "Close" button to return to the main Word 2007 screen.

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