How to Remove Spyware and Adware for Free

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Viruses and spyware are an unfortunate reality of modern online computing. Both may cause pop-ups that show up randomly on your desktop, re-route Web searches to bogus sites, act as a gateway for further malware, monitor and transmit your actions online and offline and steal your personal information. Worst case scenarios involve identity theft depending on the information stored on your computer and possibly transmitted by malware to third parties. Fortunately, several free anti-virus and spyware programs exist to remove these threats from your system.


Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. MSE isn't bundled with any version of Windows, however it integrates well with all versions and is available for free. It includes everything you'd expect from a paid antivirus program, including real-time scanning, scheduled scans and regular updates.


Install the free version of Avast antivirus. The free version doesn't include a firewall, spam control or phishing protection. But it does include real-time scanning and both antivirus and spyware protection.


Use PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition. It includes a number of features normally found in paid antivirus programs, including phishing protection, file guard and smart updates. Also included is the standard antivirus and spyware protection.


  • check Download the installation program on another computer if you aren't able to reach the Internet through an infected system. Transfer the file via CD or USB stick.

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