How to Remove Pet Eye from a Photo

by Quinn Marshall

Pet eye in a photograph is similar to red eye. It results from the light of a camera's flash reflecting in the animal's eyes. Pet eye may appear white, blue, green, yellow or red and will obscure the center part of the eye. Pet eye can be repaired digitally using an image-editing program.

Download the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), a free image-editing program. Install it onto your computer by double-clicking on the downloaded .EXE file and following the instructions that appear with the installation wizard. Launch the program once installation is finished.

Click on "File," then "Open" and choose the photograph you need to correct.

Create a new layer by clicking on the "New Layer" button on the Layers box. Make sure the new layer is selected by single left-clicking on it before continuing.

Click the "Ellipse" button on the toolbar. Use the ellipse tool to draw a circle around the section of the pet's eye that needs corrected. Fill the circle with black using the "Fill Bucket" tool located on the main toolbar. Repeat this process on the opposite eye so that both eyes are filled with black.

Click on the "Mode" drop-down menu above the Layers box and select "Overlay" from the list. Right-click on the layer and choose "Merge Down" to merge the overlay layer with the main image layer.

Choose the "Brush" tool. Adjust the brush size so that it is approximately 10 pixels. The size needed will vary based on your image's resolution. Change the brush's color to "White." Place the brush slightly off-center on one of the eyes and press the left mouse button. This will create a single white dot to imitate light. Place another dot in the same spot on the opposite eye.

Click "File", then "Save" and choose a location to save the edited photograph.

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