How to Remove PC Errors

by Lita McLeary

A computer may have hundreds of different types of errors. They can be a result of software or hardware problems, which can sometimes be difficult to determine. You should be able to remove PC errors from so that they do not affect your everyday computing. Take note, though, that not all standard responses for computer error messages will always work, so you will need to try out several other troubleshooting techniques to handle them.

Read the error message. If the error says something about changed/altered/deleted Registry items/files, it is important to use the "System Restore" feature immediately, to restore the computer to an earlier time when no Registry items have been deleted. Note that the Registry contains essential computer system components. Accidental changing, altering or deleting of registry items affects the overall performance of a computer. Click "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories," "System Tools" and then "System Restore." Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the system to its status an earlier time.

Try to remember the last thing you were doing before the error appeared. If you downloaded a file, for instance, the downloaded file may contain viruses that are causing the error to appear. Navigate to the default location of the downloaded files, and then delete the file(s). If you just installed a program, access the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in your "Control Panel" to remove or uninstall the program immediately.

Consider installing more RAM (Random Access Memory) on the computer if you are getting an error message that says "There is not enough memory to run this program" or something similar. Alternatively, you can choose not to install the program, or delete existing programs that are no longer needed or in use to make room for the new program.

Press the "Reset" button on your computer if you receive an error saying "Invalid system disk" or "Disk error." This usually means that the hard drive or one of your other drives may have physical errors stopping it from functioning properly. Be sure to remove any discs from your other drives as well.

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