How to Remove ODD Firmware Updater

by Charles Poole

The LG ODD Firmware Updater is used to update the firmware on LG cell phones with a computer. When you upgrade your phone, you might not need to have the ODD Firmware Updater on your computer anymore. You can uninstall it with the Windows operating system's built-in uninstaller. You won't need the help of a computer technician to get the software off of your system. You can do it yourself with little hassle.

Click the "Start" button and then click the "Control Panel" icon.

Click on the "Programs" button and then go to the "Programs and Features" icon.

Choose your "ODD Firmware Updater" from the menu.

Click the "Uninstall" button.

Wait for the computer to uninstall the software and then restart your system from the "Start" menu.

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