How to Remove a Security Lock on a USB Flash Drive for a Company Administrator

by Stephen Lilley

If the administrator account on your computer has placed a security lock on a USB flash drive connected to your machine, the only way you can remove it is by logging in as that administrator. However, once you are logged in properly (by selecting the "Log Off" option from the "Start" menu and then logging back in under the proper credentials) you can remove the security lock natively in the Windows operating system.


Click "Start."


Click "Computer."


Right-click on the USB flash drive you want to unlock. Click "Properties."


Click "Security." Click "Edit."


Click on the names of the computer user accounts that have been locked out of access to the flash drive in the window on screen. Click "Allow." By allowing all the user accounts, this will remove the security lock and reset the USB flash drive's security functions back to their original default settings.

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