How to Remove Error 1706

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An error 1706 is a runtime error that occurs when Install Shield Setup can't find the source files necessary to perform an installation. This can happen for a variety of reasons. New programs may be installed over old ones that haven't been completely uninstalled. A user could hit "Cancel" in the middle of a previous installation attempt. Or malware/spyware may attach itself to your system and mess up the registries.

Fixing the 1706 Error


Log out and log back into an account with the administrator privileges, if you're installing on a network resource. Then, see if you're able to install the software.


Check to see if the installation CD-ROM or DVD is dirty or damaged, if you're installing it to your home computer or a standalone work computer. Clean it with a lint-free cloth, and try installing the software again. Get a replacement disc if the disc turns out to be damaged. Then, reinstall with the replacement disc.


Try running the Windows search feature to look for the files and enter the path to the needed setup file to the installation process, if the 1706 error still continues to persist. Sometimes, that helps.


Cancel out of the installation and run the Windows uninstall program from the Control Panel to fully remove old versions of the program and/or previously incomplete installations of the software, if you're still not successful. Then, run Setup again.


Use a commercially-available registry cleaner to check your registry for conflicts and problems with the cache and repair them, if you suspect the problem may be with your registry. Then, see if the installation works.

Check With the System Administrator or Computer Repair Shop


Check with the system administrator and have him/her make the most recent network administrator installation available to you. The version you have may be outdated or missing some resources.


Have the system or network administrator take a look, if you've followed all the proper procedures and the 1706 error still appears during the network resource installation. Explain the problem and what you've done to help with troubleshooting and repairs.


Take it to a repair specialist if you've followed all the proper procedures for the installation on your home or standalone computer and you're still seeing the error 1706. Explain the problems you're having and the steps you've taken to help the repair professional diagnose and fix the problem.


  • check Make sure your system is always up-to-date with necessary service packs and patches at all times. Sometimes, outdated patches and service packs can contribute to error 1706 problems.


  • close Some registry cleaners only work on 32-bit systems. For 64-bit systems, run a Google search for "64-bit registry cleaner." RegClean will run on 64-bit systems. RegGenie appears to only run on 32-bit systems. Registry cleaners typically cost about $30.

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