How to Remotely Access A Computer

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Accessing your home or work computer remotely from almost anywhere with full access to files, programs and network resources is quite handy. Imagine taking your annual report home to finish it on your home PC, only to forget to update the file on your memory stick. Free remote access software can be used from any convenient location to grab that file saved at home, troubleshoot a friend's computer, access your work PC and many more possibilities.


Download the software. Go to the ShowMyPC website at and click on the "Show My PC View Remote PC" link. You will be prompted to "Save" the software. Save it and on all the computers you want to link.


Install the service. Once you've downloaded the software, double-click on the file and click on "Options." Select "Install Service." Do this on each computer.


Share the desktop. On the Client (controlled) computer -- the computer you want to access remotely -- click on the "Show My PC" button to generate password and make your computer accessible remotely.


Launch the application and click on "View a Remote PC" button on the Host computer -- the computer you are accessing from. The application will prompt you for a password. Enter the Client computer's generated password and click "OK." The Host computer will immediately see the Client computer's desktop and easily share files, drag and drop files, open and save documents and a range of other features.


  • check Make sure you turn off both computer's firewalls. Firewalls do not allow remote connections. Antivirus software may be kept active -- it should not block file download or remote access automatically.


  • close Do not share your generated password with unknown users or strangers.

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