How to Find the Remaining Memory on a Mac

by Julius Vandersteen

Whenever you start up your Mac, the operating system loads into the system memory. Each application you launch also opens in system memory, also known as RAM. The more RAM available on your computer, the more efficiently it works, which is especially important when you load large applications and work with big files, such a pictures and videos. If you want to find out how much system memory remains available on your Mac, launch "Activity Monitor", a free utility that Apple installs on every Mac.

Click the "Applications" folder in the Dock of your Mac, and then click "Utilities".

Click "Activity Monitor". The Activity Monitor window appears.

Click the "System Memory" tab at the bottom of the Activity Monitor window. Your Mac's system memory usage statistics are displayed below the "System Memory" tab. The remaining amount of memory is listed in the "Free" field.

Right-click the "Activity Monitor" icon in the Dock, then click "Dock Icon", and then click "Show Memory Usage" if you want the Activity Monitor's Dock icon to display a graphical representation in pie chart form of your Mac's system memory usage.

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