How to Reinstall the Operating System on an HP

by J.S. Copper

Reinstalling the operating system on your HP computer is often a last resort to clear out a nasty virus or breathe some life into an aging computer. Reinstalling the system can return the HP to a like-new state, removing the sludge that builds up after years of computing. Luckily the process is fairly simple and streamlined and only requires you have the installation disc provided with your computer.

Insert the Windows installation disc into the computer's disc drive. Select "Install Now" on the window that pops up.

Select the option to download any available updates from Microsoft. This ensures you are running the latest version of the operating system.

Enter your Product Key as prompted. This will either be on the disc's packaging or on the computer itself.

Accept the End User License Agreement. Select "Custom" installation. Select your current Windows partition (C: drive) as the installation destination.

Select "Next" to begin the installation. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions. Once installation completes, the computer will restart. Remove the installation disc as the computer reboots. The HP will launch into your newly reinstalled operating system.


  • check Be sure to back up any important data to external hard drive before beginning the reinstallation process.

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