How to Reinstall DNE

by Peter Thomas

Some rootkit and virus scanners can mistake Deterministic Network Enhancer advanced network protocol software as a hostile threat because it interferes with the system's default network functionality. Operating system file corruptions, back level device drivers and incompatible third-party software can also cause DNE installation problems. If you have mistakenly damaged your DNE installation or wish to refresh it, you can reinstall it on the Windows server.


Download the Winfix file from the Citrix website. This file will clean out existing DNE settings and ensure the system is ready for a reinstallation.


Double-click **Winfix.exe** and click **Start Windows Fixup**.


Download the latest version of DNE from the Citrix website. Double-click the **Dneupdate** file to open the DNE installer.


Agree to the license terms and conditions. Click **Install** to install DNE. You will need to restart your system when the installation wizard reports that it has completed.

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