How to Register a Toshiba Laptop

by Damarious Page

Toshiba does not require that you register your laptop for any reason, but you will benefit from doing so. At registration, you will provide your personal and product information. If there is a critical hardware or software update concerning the safety of the laptop, Toshiba can contact you specifically, knowing who you are and that you own one of the affected products. Since you have already invested in one Toshiba's products, the company will also send you special offers for other products. Register your laptop via Toshiba's website to get these benefits.


Lift up your Toshiba laptop, gently and safely, to see the underside. Write down the model and serial number from the gray sticker.


Open your Internet browser, then click on the link to open Toshiba's "Support Homepage" (see Resources).


Click on the "Register Your Product" icon at the bottom of the page to go to the "Product Registration" webpage.


Scroll down the webpage and enter the serial number in the "Serial No" field. Click the "Continue" button. Fill out the form and click the button to complete registration.


  • check Revisit the "Product Registration" webpage and click on the "Click to view the status of your existing registration" link to verify that you registration was successful.


  • close Registration is not required to get service under the laptop's warranty.

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