How to Recover a TextEdit File

by Greyson Ferguson

TextEdit is a small word processor, extremely similar to notepad, that is distributed with new Mac computers. The files are saved, just like other document editors, and just like these other programs, a file can accidentally be deleted, only to be needed at a later date. However, there is a program called "Glary Utilities" that gives the user the ability to search the computer for files once deleted, but still present on the hard drive. The software gives the user a chance to recover a TextEdit file and use it again.

Click the link in the Resources section. This will bring up the Glary Utilities download site. Click the large "Download Now" button, followed by "Save File." The download will now begin.

Open the downloaded file. Click "OK," then "Run" and the Glary Utilities installation wizard will load. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Launch Glary Utilities. Click the "Modules" button at the top of the screen. Select "Privacy & Security" along the left side and click "File Undelete."

Select the file where the TextEdit file used to be. If you don't remember, click the entire "C:" drive and click "Search." Depending on the size of the hard drive, this could take a few minutes.

Select the TextEdit file when the scan is complete. Click "Restore" and the file will be restored back to its original location on the hard drive, as if it had never been removed in the first place.

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