How to Record a Soccer Game With Your Camcorder

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The big game is never dull, and with a little planning and a bit of practice with your camcorder, your recording of a soccer game or any other sporting event can be as exciting as the real thing.

Scout the field ahead of time. Decide on the best camera angles for long shots from the stands and close-ups from the sidelines. You want to have many camera angles to keep viewers' interest.

Pay attention to your light source. Shooting directly into the sun guarantees a bad video.

Capture shots of pre-game preparations and festivities. Depending on your camcorder, you may be able to splice these shots together to make a pre-game show.

Set up a tripod in the stands to use for long shots. This will keep your camera steady. If you have to zoom in on the action without moving, use the optical zoom instead of the digital zoom.

Move your feet. Make your transitions from your long shot position in the stands to the sidelines during time-outs or other breaks in play.

Capture reaction shots from the players and coaches on the sidelines. Combine these shots with footage of other big plays during the editing process.

Bring plenty of tape or memory cards. Figure out the average running time of a soccer game; then bring recording media for at least double the average time.


  • check Remember to bring extra batteries. Shoot as much as possible while plugged into an AC source.
  • check Familiarize yourself with your camcorder by shooting objects and settings before starting to film a soccer game.
  • check Add special effects during the editing process. If you put them in during recording, you can't take them out later.


  • close If your camcorder records to tape, do not use the LP setting. Picture quality suffers when using this recording mode.

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