How to Record on ChatRoulette

by Blake Dillon

Chatroulette, an Internet social networking site, is very similar to speed dating in that you have just a few seconds to get to know a stranger via webcam before deciding if you want to stay and chat or spin the wheel in hopes of meeting somebody better. However, with the quick-paced people swapping and no way to rewind, recording the screen has become increasingly popular.

Purchase and install the appropriate software. The program used most often is called Quick Screen Recorder (version 1.5). This software conveniently comes with a free trial, and, once it expires, it is relatively affordable for a permanent renewal.

Run your chosen screen recorder by selecting it from your dock (Mac) or your start menu (PC). Click record. Your entire display is now being recorded.

Visit Upon arrival, you will be prompted with a webcam alert. Press "Allow" to activate your webcam. After that, select the "Start" button at the center of the screen.

Open your chosen screen recorder and press "Stop Recording" when you've had enough. Every on-screen activity performed between pressing "Record" and pressing "Stop Recording" will now be converted into a standard audio video interleave (AVI) file. These types of files can be played in all video players, such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player and iTunes.


  • check Not only is a screen recorder helpful for Chatroulette, but this type of software can also be used for developing videos to demonstrate on-screen computer instructions.


  • close It is wise to tell the people who you encounter on Chatroulette and similar websites that they are being recorded.

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