How to Record Audio From a Website

by Nichole Liandi

Recording technology has changed from the days of cassette recorders. In our digital and online world, it's quite likely that you may want to record material that you hear on a website. There are many different methods to do this, but one of the simplest uses a free downloadable program and your computer to do the work. There are no wires to attach, and you'll get perfect digital recordings every time.

Download Audacity. The website address can be found in References. There are versions for virtually all OS platforms. Complete download instructions will be found on the website.

Open Audacity by clicking the desktop icon installed when you installed the program.

Using the browser you normally employ, go to the web site that you want to record the audio from. Use whatever method you normally employ to begin the audio you want to hear from the website. This audio may begin automatically, it may require that you press a button on the website, or open a file.

Press the red round button on the control panel to start the recording once the audio has begun. If you want to be sure you don't miss anything, start Audacity, then begin the audio.

Press the yellow square button on the control panel to stop recording.

Save your audio file by clicking on the "File" tab and choosing "Save file as." Choose a name and destination for your file.

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