How to Reboot Without a Disk

by Gabriel Dockery

Reasons to restart a computer include finalizing software installation, recovering a frozen system or entering the BIOS to change system settings. Rebooting a system without a disk requires you to utilize the hardware restarting procedure that restarts the computer by toggling the computer's power supply. This method of restarting your computer can only fail if the power supply itself has failed in some way.

Locate the "Power" button on your computer system. This button is clearly marked on the computer case for easy identification.

Press and hold the "Power" button until the computer system powers off, usually a few seconds are required.

Press the "Power" button again to power the computer back up and initiate the boot process.

Select your operating system from any boot menus if needed and finish booting into your operating system.


About the Author

Gabriel Dockery began writing in 2009, with his work published on various websites. He is working toward a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience in a transfer program between Ivy Tech College and Indiana State University.