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QuickBooks Nonprofit software is accounting software that specializes in the establishment and financial management for nonprofit accounting operations. The software has a tutorial feature that explains functions of the software. The tutorial feature can be used as knowledge- or training-based tool for all QuickBooks nonprofit accounting modules.

Implementing the Tutorial Function

The automated tutorial function in QuickBooks nonprofit software can be accessed by clicking the link entitled “What Can QuickBooks Do for You?” Initializing the link turns on the tutorial feature. The QuickBooks nonprofit tutorials are graphic and text-based tutorials that provide quick explanations of a program process. The tutorials also link to help screens that provide detailed information on a program process. The tutorial can be kept “active” or “disabled” through the QuickBooks menu system.

QuickBooks Tutorial

The QuickBooks tutorial provides basic information on types of accounts used in a nonprofit organization. The tutorial explains how the chart of accounts is accessed and updated as well as information on expense, revenue, donor, and asset accounts. For novices working with the QuickBooks system, a good strategy is to keep the tutorial active while creating or updating account and company information for the QuickBooks data engine.

Organizational Strategy

There are times when a nonprofit changes its mission or terminates business. QuickBooks nonprofit tutorial addresses this issue through the organizational structure tutorial. This tutorial provides guidance on updating the organization (new Employment Identification Numbers [EIN] or Board of Director financial status) and provides a tutorial concerning the dissolution of a nonprofit organization. The tutorial addressing nonprofit organizational information provides information and strategies pertaining to updating sections and accounting processes of the organization.

Specialized Tax Report Tutorial (IRS Form 990)

IRS Form 990, Statement of Financial Income and Expense, is a tax reporting form that nonprofit organizations submit to the Internal Revenue Service. The QuickBooks nonprofit tutorial demonstrates how an IRS Form 990 should be processed. An important strategy is to process the IRS Form 990 on a quarterly basis. The QuickBooks tutorial can explain the frequency of reporting and initialize IRS Form 990 in the QuickBooks software.

Business Plan Tutorial

The QuickBooks nonprofit version includes a business plan tutorial. The tutorial guides a nonprofit in developing financial reports used to accrue various types of funding (grants, in-kind donations, and general donations). The tutorial also explains financial reports that are needed for a nonprofit organizational business plan. As a strategy, the business plan in QuickBooks should be updated as needed using the financial reports tutorial as a procedural guideline.

Online and Offline QuickBooks Non-Profit Tutorials

There are reference CDs and books that provide tutorials for QuickBooks nonprofit software. QuickBooks also provides online courses and tutorials for nonprofit organizations as well as instructor led training. Information regarding training on QuickBooks Nonprofit software can be accessed through the QuickBooks website.

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