How to Put an Internet Browser Icon in the Task Bar

by Shannon Cotton

You probably use your Web browser often, and it is helpful to have single-click access to it in a location that is easy to find. The Windows taskbar, the horizontal bar at the very bottom of your computer screen, is a convenient area to place icons for programs that you frequently use. You can quickly move your Web browser’s icon to the Quick Launch toolbar, which is located just to the right of the "Start" button on your taskbar. Once it’s there, you can click the icon to open a browser window at any time without closing other open programs to access your desktop.


Locate the browser icon that you want to add to the taskbar. Either look for the icon on your desktop, or locate it in the "Start" menu.


Click the icon, and drag it to the Quick Launch toolbar (right next to the "Start" button).


Move it by right-clicking and selecting “Add to Quick Launch” if you prefer.


  • check Your browser's icon will still be visible on the desktop or in the "Start" menu after you drag it to the Quick Launch bar; performing this action just creates another icon for the taskbar.
  • check If you see double arrows instead of the icon after you add it to the taskbar, it is because your Quick Launch bar is not big enough to show all of your links. Right-click an empty area on the taskbar, and click the "Lock the Taskbar" option to uncheck it. Then move the toolbar sizing handle (which looks like a bar of small dots to the right of the icons) until your Quick Launch bar is large enough to accommodate your icons.
  • check If you decide to delete the icon later, you can simply right-click it and choose delete. This only removes the icon from the taskbar; it does not remove the browser from your computer.

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