How to Program the Motorola Razr

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The ultra slim Motorola RAZR is one of the most popular phones on the market. It's sleek design and varied features make it easy to carry and easy to personalize with special settings. If you would like to program the Motorola RAZR to fit your needs, just follow these simple steps.

Open the Motorola RAZR's menu by pressing the "Menu" key. You can find the Menu key at the topmost center of the phone's keypad.

Browse the menu that appears by using the 4-way Navigation key. The Navigation key allows you to scroll the menu in four directions: up, down, left, and right.

Select Settings from the Main Menu. Under the Settings sub-menu, you have the options to set your Motorola RAZR's ring style, time and date, wallpaper, screensaver, skin, theme, answer options, display brightness and display timeout.

Browse the features under the Settings menu and choose the one you want to customize. You will be able to change each particular setting here.

Choose the setting you want for your phone by pressing the "Select" button. By doing this, your phone will save the new setting you chose.

Exit to your phone's desktop after you succeeded in customizing your phone by pressing the "Power and End" key. This key is located just below the Message key at the far right side of your phone.


  • check The screensaver is intended to save your phone's screen. However, a screensaver does not help to conserve your phone's battery. For this reason, it is advised that this feature be turned off if you want an extended battery life.
  • check Your phone already comes with default wallpapers, screensavers, themes, ring tones, and skins. If you want to make your Motorola RAZR more interesting and unique, you should download your favorite wallpapers, ring tones, etc.
  • check An official Motorola RAZR retailer can answer any questions you might have about your phone.


  • close When changing your phone's theme, make sure that all the components are complete. Otherwise, your phone will not adopt the new theme and will revert to a default one.

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