How to Find Printable Easy Stained Glass Patterns for Kids

by Amy Lukavics

A fun kids' craft idea is coloring in stained glass window patterns. Finding these printable patterns online is easy, if you know where to look. There are a variety of designs and themes available; the sites feature special stained glass patterns for every holiday, as well as randomly designed ones. Stained glass printouts that are colored in with markers can be taped over a window to "light up" the design with the sunlight.


Open your Internet browser, and search for sites that include printable stained glass designs or online coloring books; such sites include,, and


Browse through the available designs. Most sites separate the designs by category, such as holidays, scenery or miscellaneous designs. Most online coloring books feature easy-to-color symmetrical designs for kids.


Select the design you wish to print. This will bring up a separate screen with an enlarged version of the stained glass pattern.


Click the "Print" button on the screen.

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