How to Convert a PDF to OpenOffice 3.0, the Free Microsoft Office Alternative

by Ashley Donohoe 3.0 supports a free extension that lets you open and edit PDF documents within the suite's Draw program. uses the ODG file extension for its drawings, and lets you convert PDF files to this format so that you can open and edit your file on any computer with


Download the Oracle PDF Import Extension from the extensions page of the website (link in Resources). Double-click the file that downloads, then click "OK" when asked if you want to install the extension. Click "Accept" on the license-agreement screen to install the extension, then click "Close" after the installation process completes.


Launch 3.0, then click "File" and select "Open." This opens your PDF file in the Draw component of


Click "File" and select "Save As." Type a name for the converted file next to "File Name" and select a destination to store the file. Select the format that you want to use for the conversion from the "Save As Type" drop-down list. The default setting is the ODF Drawing (ODG) file format, but you can select " 1.0 Drawing (SXD)" if you need the file to have compatibility with 1.0.


Click "Save" to convert your PDF file to the format.

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