My Pavilion Laptop Won't Boot Up

by Susan Joyce

HP Pavilion laptops will occasionally not boot up. Is your Pavilion receiving power, indicated by disk drives making noise and the lights coming on, but then nothing else happens? The good news is that there are steps to getting your computer back to working condition. So before frustration sets in, continue reading and solve the problem.

Turn the computer over and remove the battery by sliding the battery lock to the unlock position, then sliding the battery out. Turn the computer back over, press the "Power" button and hold it for 30 seconds.

Replace the battery and press the "Power" button again. If the computer boots up, then you have solved the issue, but if not proceed to the next step.

Press the "Power" button until the lights go off. Wait 10 minutes, then press the "Power" button again and hold down the "F10" button while the computer is powering on. This will bring up the boot menu and will give you options to choose from.

Select "Boot in Safe Mode" and allow the computer to completely boot before proceeding any further. You will now run the HP Diagnostic test on the computer.

Select the "Start" button, then click "All Programs" and find "PC Help & Tools." Choose "Hardware Diagnostic Tools" and click "OK" to continue. Allow the program to run and collect information.

Check the "Alert Messages" that will be displayed. The alerts will advise you to record a bootable diagnostic CD, or to begin the test. If the diagnostic advises you to record a CD, insert a CD into the drive and follow the prompts. Follow the directions that are given based on your specific problems.


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