How to Password Protect a Recycle Bin

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Security is all about password protection. You can password protect anything on your computer including the recycle bin. Keep people from checking up on you by password protecting your login and then work backwards from there.

Determine if Windows will allow you to password protect the recycle bin without the purchase of a new software package.

Install a software package that allows you to password protect Windows programs. There are various products on the market; some are available free.

Read the instructions if you had to buy software. Never guess at custom installation. Follow the directions.

Go to the recycle bin within the newly downloaded software and select password protection.

Follow the wizard after selecting password protection. Read the instructions and click onto the radio buttons as asked and that apply to password protecting your recycle bin.

Create a user name and password that includes characters and numbers for greater security.

Check to see if the recycle bin is password protected by attempting to open the trash-if you can't, type in your username and password to make sure it works.


  • check Check Windows before you buy an install blocker software package-you may have the capability to password protect the recycle bin without the purchase.


  • close Don't share your passwords with anyone, not even your spouse.

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