How to Find a Free Paint Program

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If you're tired of struggling with image ideas and tweaks because of an old computer or pricey paint programs, you can use a free alternative. Many digital photo-enhancement programs are available online. Some download to your computer, while others require that you upload photos to the website.


Go to This is a free online photo editor that requires you to upload your photos for enhancing. It includes custom brushes, various tools and filters. It allows you to work in layers on your photos and to make necessary adjustments to the tools. The program is also available for Android and iPhone mobile devices.


Use This is a free download for your computer, allowing you to edit your photos right on your computer. The program supports layers, special effects and undo features. If you get stuck on how to use something, you can access the site's online community, tutorials or plugins.


Navigate to and upload the photos you want to edit. The site even allows you to upload photos straight from Picasa, Flickr, Facebook or Photobucket. Then you can edit the images for size and add special effects, fonts and shapes to your liking.


  • check There is no fee to join Pixlr or Photobucket.


  • close You must have rights to edit the pictures or you could be in danger of copyright violation.

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