How to Outline your Project

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How to Outline your Project. Web development is the process of creating, hosting and managing a specific website. This can take a lot of work and time. To make this task easier, you can outline your web development project and put everything you'll need for a website into one concise plan.


Create a project plan. Your project plan should include what you want to accomplish with your website, the purpose of the website, how it should look, and any ideas you have governing the needs of the project.


Decide on a project budget. Know how much you want to spend on your web development project and how much you can spend.


Write out a project time line. This should involve how long you want the entire web development project to take and how long each part should take to get finished.


Search for resources. Depending on your needs, you may need to hire graphic companies, content develop companies, and possibly even professional web developers for advice or to build the different parts of your website.


Make a short list of the web hosting services that would be a good fit for the developing project. Using your hardware prospects and vision, find a hosting service that suits these constraints.


Define the tone and presentation of your site, commonly referred to as GUI, or Graphical User Interface. Determine what sort of graphical presentation you want, how the user will navigate the site, and how much wording or content will be included.


Detail each page that will appear on the site, including its GUI and purpose. This will help you eliminate redundancies and streamline your coding.


Resolve which operating systems and other hardware will be the most compatible with your requirements. Choose the web-development tools best suited for your site creation. FrontPage and Dreamweaver are two very user-friendly development tools.


  • check Document each stage of the web development process. An outline is a good way to bring a vague idea into sharper focus.
  • check Try for at least three, but no more than ten, hardware and web hosting options each. You need enough options to make a real choice, but not so many options as to be overwhelming.


  • close Don't be afraid to make changes to the outline as progress is made on your web development project. As you work through the phases of development, new concerns will come up that require flexible problem solving skills.
  • close Avoid overcomplicating a simple project. You'll end up spending more time and money cleaning it up in the end.

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