How to Open Windows Explorer As an Administrator

by Elvis Michael

Windows Explorer provides access to all available hard disks and files on your system. This includes access to removable storage units and shared locations within a home or corporate network. Depending on the security level implemented into your Windows account, you may be restricted from managing certain files, folders and disks. Nevertheless, a system administrator may open Windows Explorer using administrative access as a one-time procedure. This function is typically useful to gain quick access to any function using a restricted account.

Go to "Start>All Programs>Accessories."

Right-click "Windows Explorer." Select the "Run as Administrator" context menu option.

Enter the required administrative credentials into the subsequent User Account Control confirmation screen. Otherwise, if the UAC is not configured to request for user credentials, click "Yes" to allow permission to launch Windows Explorer.


  • check Using an administrator account, you may modify your UAC settings by going to "Start," typing "UAC" and selecting the "Change User Account Control Settings" utility.

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