How to Open CVS Files

by Allison Melman

CVS is the file extension belonging to files created by the technical drawing software called Canvas. If you have ever tried to open a CVS file in an incorrect way, you will know that the contents will be rendered unreadable if you can even get the file open to begin with. This is because the nature of the vector and raster graphics within the CVS files requires specific software in order to view them without disturbing their structure.


Download a trial of the newest Canvas software available or buy a full copy. If you only need to open a CVS file once, you can just use the trail version.


Extract the application and install it onto your computer one it has finished downloading so it can be used for opening files.


Locate the icon of the CVS file that you want to open and right click on it. This will open a small drop down menu.


Go to the "Open With Option" and select the Canvas application. Wait for the software to pen and for your file to load.


  • check Enable the automatic reminder that will tell you when there are new updates available for Canvas so you always have the newest version.


  • close Do not use stolen software, as its performance will not be reliable or dependable.

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