How to Measure in Adobe Acrobat

by K.C. Winslow

Adobe Acrobat includes measuring tools that allow you to measure within a PDF. You can measure height and width in the document, and you can also measure the area that an object takes up. The measuring tools are useful for determining measurements before sending a document to a printer and for showing distances in a computer-aided design drawing. As you measure, a panel detailing the measurement opens on the screen.

Click the "Tools" menu in Acrobat and click "Analyze" to expand the "Analyze" panel. If you don't see the "Analyze" panel, click the drop-down "Show or Hide Panels" menu and click "Analyze" to show the the "Analyze" panel. Click the "Analyze" panel to expand it.

Click the "Measuring Tool" button to open the measuring tool bar.

Click one of the measurement types in the tool bar. The first, the "Distance" tool, measures the distance between two points; the second, the "Perimeter" tool, measures a combination of distances between a number of points; and the third, the "Area" tool, measures the area within lines you draw.

Click on the document to place the starting point of the measurement. If you're measuring the distance between two points, click at the second point to make the measurement. If you're measuring multiple points, click each point and double-click on the last point. If measuring area, click to create lines around the area you want to measure, continuing until you click the starting point.

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