How to Make Yourself Look Better in Photoshop

by Michelle Strait

Some people cringe at the thought of having a photo taken. But those who worry about revealing their imperfections can end their worries by using Photoshop. The software is perfect for retouching photos. Professional photographers do it all the time. A Photoshop pro can erase freckles, age spots and other imperfections from photos.

Get Perfect Skin


Open Photoshop and the photo you want to retouch.


Choose the "Healing Brush Tool" from the toolbar (hover the mouse pointer over the tools if you're not sure of their functions. A description will pop up). A small options window appears at the top of the screen. Set the brush size to 24 pixels in the "Brush" drop-down menu.


Use the Healing Brush Tool to erase blemishes from the photo. With the Brush Tool selected, press "alt" on the keyboard and left-click with the mouse on an unmarked area of skin. Move your cursor to an area with blemished skin.


Press "alt" on the keyboard and left-click with your mouse on the area with blemished skin. You should see a circle and a plus sign. The plus sign indicates the area being copied. The circle indicates where the clear skin will be pasted.

Drag the circle over the area you want to retouch. Keep dragging until the blemish is gone. The blemish is replaced with clear skin. Use this method to correct any skin imperfections.

Fix Red Eye


Open a photo in which you're afflicted with "red eye." Make sure the layers window is open. If it isn't, go to the Photoshop menu and select "Window" then "Layers."


Locate the adjustment layer symbol, which is indicated by a black and white circle. The symbol is at the bottom of the layers window. Click the symbol and open the "Channel Mixer."

The Channel Mixer controls the amount of red, blue and green color that appears in an image. You need to get rid of red eye, so set the amount of red in the image to 0%. Leave the blue and green alone for now.


Go to the Photoshop toolbar and set your foreground color to black.

Go back to the layers window. You will now see a Channel Mixer adjustment layer. It was added when you made changes using the mixer. Look to the right of the Channel Mixer layer. Click the white box you see there. Clicking the box activates a Photoshop mask.


Select a soft-edge paintbrush from the Photoshop paintbrush menu. Click the white mask box again, and paint the parts of the eye that were red. The eyes will appear red again. You'll fix that in the next step when you invert the mask.


Go to the Photoshop menu, choose "image," "adjustments" and "invert." The red-eye image should now have normal looking eyes. If you still see the red color, click the layer mask box again and paint where the red color appears. You can also return to the Channel Mixer and repeat Step 2 from this section.


  • check Work slowly. Going too fast will cause the brush to go into the wrong areas.


  • close Pay close attention to your work. You want the skin to look as natural as possible.

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