How to Make a Slip Ring

by James Wiley

Slip rings are electrical connectors that generate and pass electrical currents through brushes to a recipient. Most commonly, slip rings are found in AC systems, alternators and some types of packaging machinery. Slip rings can be found at many home improvement and hardware stores, but can be expensive. The cheaper alternative is to manufacture one yourself using a series of basic plumbing tools. This process, however, is a bit challenging and will require patience and a familiarity with certain tools.


Cut out 3/4-inch strips of the copper sheet and wrap them around the large plumbing joint piece. Pull them through tight and glue them to the joint. Cut out several shorter copper sheets and bend them in half, then fit them over the extra lengths of ring inside the joint piece.


Attach the brass electrical connectors to the attachments strips. This will strengthen the strips and ensure they do not short out against the mast tower later.


Insert the attachment strips, then put in the smaller joint piece. This will hold the attachments in place like a clamp. Apply epoxy to glue the parts together and allow it to dry.


Attach the slip ring to tower mast or assembled brush, depending on what you are using the slip ring for.


  • check Consult an electrician before putting your slip ring into use. Electrical currents are dangerous, and you should be completely sure your homemade project is safe before using it. Visuals of the steps can be found at

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