How to Make a Screen Recording

by Faith Chandler

Screen recording software is useful when you need to convey information about a task, but find it hard to describe. This software records what is occurring on your computer screen. It's meant for instructional videos about using software or the computer. Screen recording software is designed to be intuitive for novices. The hardest part of creating a screen recording is planning out your process.

Create a short script for your screen recording. Make the list a step-by-step set of instructions for your personal use while recording and also to give you something to say for the audio portion of the screen recording.

Practice moving through the steps of what you want to record. Do this a couple of times. This will improve the flow of your screen recording and cut down on the number of times you need to stop and start the recorder.

Prep your files for the screen recording. Open up any documents or software needed for the recording. Clean up your desktop background. Close any files you don't want seen in the recording.

Open the screen recording program. A window box should pop up with basic operating controls. A forward pointing arrow usually means play. A round green or red circle is the record button. Two vertical lines usually represents pause.

Push record and minimize the window box. Follow your script to complete the process you are recording. If using audio, don't forget to describe your actions.

Push stop when finished recording. Save your recording.

Play back your recording. Listen and watch the video for any flaws or mistakes. If the video does have a problem, you can re-record your screen capture.


  • check Keep your screen capture videos short, just two to three minutes long will suffice.

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