How to Make Layouts for Free

by Foye Robinson

A layout is a design or template you can use repeatedly. You can make layouts for brochures, newsletters or even web pages to save time. Since a layout may be a rough draft, you can tweak it until it looks the way you want. You can make a layout for free by designing one online or by revamping a template that's similar to the one you need. Once the layout is created, simply insert the contents you need.

Web Page Layout: Option One

Create a web page layout for your MySpace page by going to Real Editor (See References). A sample layout will be displayed on the page. Then go to the "Profile Parts" in the banner.

Click on "Background" to change the image, color, borders, top banner or lower banner of the page's background. The changes will be applied to the layout on your page.

Click on "Boxes" to change all or selected boxes, such as the contact table, navigation bar, extended network, friend space or friends' comments.

Click on "Text" in the banner to change the general text, headings, labels, your name or other content.

Select "Links" to choose the link colors and fonts for every link on the page, links in the navigation bar or links in the interest section.

Choose "Images" to specify the dimensions, transparency, borders and display settings for pictures.

Click on "Scrollbar" to change the scrollbar options for your page.

Click on "get the code" to retrieve the code for your MySpace page. To copy the code, press "Ctrl+C" on your keyboard. Then log in to your MySpace account and paste the code in the "About Me" section of your page.

Web Page Layout: Option Two

Create a web page layout by downloading a free copy of KompoZer (See References). Open KompoZer and click on "File" and "New," then choose "A blank template" and press "Create."

Click on the "Table" button in toolbar and select the "Precisely" tab. Enter "1" for the number of rows and columns, "799" pixels for the width and "0" for the border. Then press "OK."

Place your cursor within the table on your page. Create a banner with graphics by clicking on the "Image" button and selecting the "Location" tab. Click on the "Choose File" button and double-click on the image file. To add alternate text, choose "Alternate text." Otherwise, select "Don't use alternate text" and press "OK."

Insert a nested table within the main table on your page by clicking on "Insert" and "Table." Select the "Quickly" tab and drag your mouse over the pad to create a "1 x 2" table.

Place your cursor within the first cell of the nested table on your page and click on the "Table" button. Choose the "Cells" tab and change height to "600" pixels and width to "200" pixels. Then go to the "Content Alignment" and change the vertical alignment to "Top."

Click on "Background Color" and select a color of your choice. Press "OK" to close the "Cell Background Color" dialog box and "OK" to return to your document.

Place your cursor within the second cell of the nested table and click on the "Table" button. Change the vertical alignment to "Top" and find a background color of your choice, then click on "OK."

Save the web page layout by clicking on "File" and "Save As." Enter a page title and press "OK." Name your file, keeping the ".mzt" file extension, and click on "Save."

About the Author

Foye Robinson is a freelance writer and Web designer with Precision Web Crafting. She shares her love for family/relationships, fitness and Web design in her writing. Robinson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Webster University and also writes miscellaneous articles and novels.