How to Make My Cursors Larger

by AbhishekU

Cursors are the movable indicators displayed in the screen of a computer. They are used to point at commands in the screen. They are also called pointers. They are responsive to any movement with respect to the mouse. Cursors are completely customizable and can be changed into many shapes and animations. The size of the cursors can also be changed according to your needs.

Click on the "Start" button in the lower left portion of your screen. A start menu will pop up. You can also do this by pressing the windows logo on your keyboard; it is situated in the lower most row.

Click on "Run". Type "Control panel" into the text box and press "enter".

Click on the "mouse" option in the control panel. This option deals with all the settings regarding the mouse, including the size of the cursor.

Click on the "Pointers" tab. Now, click the "scheme" option. From the large list of options listed, select the appropriate size that you would like your cursor to be.

Click on "Apply" and then click "OK". Your cursor will have changed into the cursor you selected by now.


  • check If you feel you have messed up at the "mouse options", do not click "OK", just press "cancel".
  • check These instructions are for Microsoft Windows Operating System. The process is the same for all Windows operating systems.
  • check For other operating systems like Mac and Linux research the "Help" section of their respective websites.


  • close Do not change any other settings in the Control Panel.