How To Make Your Own Comic Book Using Software

by Naomi Bolton

Special software can help you create your own comic book if you find the task too daunting or doubt your own artistic skill. "Comic Book Creator" does all the hard work, such as making the layout and panels for you. This program is the only dedicated comic book software that works on Windows 7 in 2011.

Download the "Comic Book Creator" software (see Resources). Double-click the setup file to install the software once the download is complete.

Double-click the "Comic Book Creator" icon on your desktop to start the program. Click "Continue" then "New Comic Book" to get started with making your own comic book.

Fill in the details in the comic book wizard. You will be asked for information such as the title and author of the comic book you are about to create.

Select the layout type from the list of templates displayed. You can change options such as page size and amount of panels per page on the menu to the right of the templates. Click "Next" when you are satisfied with the layout, then "Finish" to get started on customizing your comic.

Click the icons on the top left panel to cycle through the various comic book options available. Browse through backgrounds, speech bubbles, caption boxes and text and click on the ones you want to use. Any items in the category you chose will be displayed on the left side of the screen in the "Resource" browser. Click on the item in the browser, then drag it into the comic panel in the main window.

Left-click on the magnifying glass underneath the object to zoom in on it and right-click to zoom out. You can add multiple elements to a single panel, such as a background, clip art and speech bubble. The program comes with clip art you can use, but if you already have images, place them in your "My Pictures" folder and you will be able to select them from the resource panel.

Click "File" then "Save As" to save your comic book once you are finished with it.


  • check Draw your images with a pen tablet or stylus and save them to the "My Pictures" folder or draw them by hand and scan them to your computer using a scanner.

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