How to Make a Brochure for a Church Retreat

by Filonia LeChat

When your congregation members are ready to refresh their souls, commune with nature and enjoy each other's company, a retreat can be an ideal excursion. Advertise an upcoming church retreat with a brochure -- a simple one-page, two-sided, tri-fold publication. Hand out brochures at weekly worship services, singles events, family programs and by direct mail to your congregation, inviting them along on a restorative getaway.

Speak with church elders and volunteers about the retreat. Gather information on who might attend, pricing, travel accommodations, carpooling and the location of the retreat. Make a list of what attendees should bring, such as overnight items, type of clothing, writing materials and potluck food.

Gather photographs of the retreat area to include in the brochure. You can shoot them yourself if the retreat is nearby, or ask the retreat staff what is available in the archives. The retreat area might be featured on a website such as the city's Chamber of Commerce, which will have more images available for download.

Open a desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign or a word processing program. Choose a brochure template from the "File" menu and double-click a brochure style. Templates may not include a specific church retreat style, but there is sure to be one suitable for customization.

Highlight the copy in the placeholder text boxes and type in your own retreat information. Article topic suggestions include the purpose of the retreat (grief support, incorporating religion into daily life or Bible study), the costs, comments from past retreat participants, a message from the congregation leader and a checklist of what to bring. Note any deadlines for a reservation, deposit or full payment so your members can plan accordingly.

Insert photographs into the brochure with the program's "Insert" menu. Add pictures of the retreat, previous groups' snapshots, and where applicable, the congregation's digital logo.

Highlight the contact information boxes included in the brochure's template and type in your own copy. Add the retreat coordinator's phone number, name and email address, along with the church's address and the church website or dedicated retreat Web page URL.

Add other items to the brochure. Use the "Insert" tab to include a map to the retreat meeting place or religious quotations in text boxes throughout the brochure.

Click the software's "File" menu or tab. Click "Save As." Enter a name for the church retreat brochure and click "Save" to save it to the computer.


  • check Most brochures look best and are most legible when only two or three different typefaces are used. Look through the template examples before creating your brochure to see how fonts are used -- many are the same font but in different sizes or in bold or italics.

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