How to Make a 4 10 Schedule

by Chad Buleen

A 4-10 schedule involves a business operating for 10 hours a day, four days a week instead of the typical five-day work week that requires employees to be on the job for eight hours each day. Some large corporations and government entities have implemented a four-day work week to save money on utilities costs. You can make a 4-10 schedule using a spreadsheet program like Excel in a matter of a few minutes.


Click the icon for a spreadsheet software your computer such as Microsoft Excel to open a spreadsheet.


Click cell A1 and type "Work Schedule."


Click the "A" at the top of column "A" to select the entire column.


Click "Format" and "Cells."


Click the "Numbers" tab and select "Time." Under "Type," click "1:30 PM."


Click "OK."


Click cell A3 and type "8:00 AM." Click cell A4 and type "8:30 AM." Click cell A5 and type "9:00 AM."


Hold "Ctrl" and drag your mouse over the three times to select them. A black box will outline the times.


Click the small black square on the bottom right corner of the black box. Hold your left mouse button and drag the square down the page. Times will automatically populate in the cells. Continue to drag until you reach "6:00 PM."


Click cell "B2" and type "Monday." Type "Tuesday in "C2," "Wednesday" in "D2" and "Thursday" in "E2."


Press "Ctrl" + "S" to save the document. You now have created a 4-10 schedule.

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