How to Live Without Cable TV

by Catherine Z

You don't need cable TV, and not having it can save you a bundle of money and time. Americans watch an average of 12 years of TV over their lifetimes. Think about what you can do with 12 years of your life besides watching TV! Here's how to do it without feeling like you're missing anything.

See what is on network stations. Many stations have quality programing and you can get just as addicted to their shows as you can to any cable TV station's show!

If there is a series you simply cannot live without, see if it is available on DVD. Buying the DVD set is often cheaper than a year's subscription to cable. Check eBay and other sources for more savings. Also, be sure to check out your local public library's selection. You may find it to watch for free if you are patient enough!

Speaking of the library, check out the book selection. Reading is a very enjoyable pastime and the library is chock full of books on every imaginable subject. They also have videos, DVD's, magazines, newspapers and music. You pay for it with your tax dollars, you may as well benefit from it.

Do anything else--daydream, go on a walk or work in the yard. Watching TV is a nice escape, but there are millions of other things that you can be doing. Try not to think about cable. Pretty soon, you won't even miss it!

About the Author

Catherine Z is a freelance writer based in Wichita, KS. Her most recent work has been seen on,, and Catherine holds a Master's in English from the University of Northern Colorado, and has been a published author since 1990.

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