How to Learn Informatica

by Jamie Lisse

Informatica is a software suite that is made up of several components that are data integration software. Informatica is used by businesses to do things like data migration, data warehousing, data consolidation, data synchronization and master data management. Informatica is known as an ETL tool, or Extract Transform and Load used to extract a database, transform and then load it to the destination database or data warehouse. With so many components of Informatica it can be confusing trying to learn how to use the software but there are some great online tutorials to help you get started.


Open a web browser on your computer. Go to the TechTiks website (see Resources).


View the introductory information on Informatica to familiarize yourself with it. Move on to the Beginner's Guide where you will learn about the components of Informatica and what purpose ETL tools like Informatica serve. This tutorial is all text with no videos or screenshots.


Look on Bouboune's Blog (see Resources) for Informatica training tutorials. Start with the beginner's tutorial "ETL Tools - Informatica Training." Use the arrow buttons to move through the 48-page tutorial. You will get a deeper understaning of the Informatica components and how they work together with this guide. When you finish it you will be able to do some basic admin tasks in Informatica, build some basic level ETL mappings, create, run and monitor workflows and minor troubleshooting. There are some Informatica screenshots in this training guide.


Go to the Learn BI website (see Resources) to get an example you can follow on how to implement a simple ETL process. The tutorial is 11 pages and walks you through loading source data into a database, creating a target database, using the source analyzer before moving on to the warehouse designer and finishing with the mapping designer component of Informatica. This tutorial is all text with no videos or screenshots.


Return to Bouboune's Blog for the advanced training tutorial "Powercenter Informatica Advanced Training and Tutorials." This is a 287-page guide that covers a few of the things you will have already learned but delves into more advanced topics like data access, defining events, worklets, session configurations, workflow configurations and reusable transformations.


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