How to Learn Architecture Online

by Marie Jones

An architect plans and designs buildings. Architects work in conjunction with engineers and contractors to create buildings that are aesthetically pleasing while meeting city safety standards. Many architects choose a specialty, such as landscape architecture or school design. Other architects prefer to take a general approach and take on a variety of projects. While many architects attend a traditional college, there are a number of ways to learn architecture online from the comfort of your home.


Review architectural flashcards online. Online flashcards are designed to provide students with a variety of important architectural terms and their definitions. Look at online flashcards at least once a day to memorize new terms and review older terms you may already be familiar with.


Review a variety of architecture Web sites, including both hobby sites and professional architectural design sites. Study popular phrases and architectural terms. Some architecture Web sites offer visual aids, which may help with understanding and learning new terms and ideas. Other Web sites may offer videos or interviews with seasoned architects to inspire new students and to discuss different types of architecture.


Read a book online about architecture. Electronic books are available for download to your Kindle or iPod, or you may choose to read a book directly in your Internet browser. Read the book thoroughly and review any areas you have difficulty understanding. Keep a short list of questions you have about the material. At the end of each chapter, review your questions and scan the chapter to find the answers.


Take an online architecture course. Free online architecture courses offer students a basic foundation in architecture, while paid courses may provide a more well-rounded approach. Online courses are designed to meet the needs of students who have busy schedules, so you may work at your own pace during your free time. Attend weekly chat sessions with your teachers and fellow students and post regularly on your classroom's online bulletin board to make the most of the course.

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